Free Download Naijaloaded WordPress Theme August 2021 Edition


Naijaloaded WordPress theme is one of the most sought after WordPress themes in Nigeria. It has both mobile and PC versions.   Naijaloaded WordPress theme is built using Carrington mobile template.

In this article, I will show you how to get the theme. But before that, there are some features of this theme you should know. Naijaloaded WordPress theme is unlike many WordPress themes you see online. It is simple, elegant and mobile-friendly. Below are some of its features:

Mobile-Friendly Theme

Now that Google is moving some websites to mobile-first indexing, a mobile-friendly theme is what you need to beat the competition. Naijaloaded WordPress theme is well-optimised for mobile view.  A mobile-friendly site has so many advantages in the search engine. More people get online with mobile phones than with a desktop computer or PC. Hence, with a theme that is not mobile-friendly, you will be losing a lot of traffic. With this Naijaloaded theme, you don’t have to worry about that.


Simplicity matters when choosing a theme. A simple WordPress theme is far better than a WordPress theme loaded with Javascript. If you should load theme with much Javascript, it should be on the PC version. Javascript slows down the speed of a website. The Naijaloaded theme has been built taking consideration of that.


Yes, it is simple but then well stylish. It is not that kind of Twenty Nineteen theme. It is coloured; designed with forest green menus and ash coloured background. The PC version has a different design altogether. But don’t worry! I am sure you will like it.

Featured Images

Many people like themes with featured images. If you are one of them, this theme is for you. The homepage displays recent posts with featured images. There are also the trending posts and featured posts widgets. And you can select which posts will appear under featured posts in the WordPress dashboard. You would not need to play with any code while you use the theme.

Theme Niche

The theme is used mostly by those in the music niche. Naijaloaded itself is under the entertainment (music) niche. But you can use it on your blog even if it is not in the music niche. Based on your needs, we can customise it to your taste.

Screenshots of Naijaloaded WordPress Theme

Below are the screenshots of the Naijaloaded WordPress theme on a demo site:

Free Download Naijaloaded WordPress Theme August 2021 Edition
Free Download Naijaloaded WordPress Theme August 2021 Edition
Free Download Naijaloaded WordPress Theme August 2021 Edition

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