Become an Enugu WiFi Agent today

Enugu WIFI project is a Municipal Wireless Network, offered by Independent Data Resellers deployed in Enugu state, Nigeria. It is a low-cost paid Wi-Fi Hotspot connection sponsored by the Enugu state government through the Enugu SME Center at various locations within the state, known as Wi-Fi Zones.

Become an Enugu WiFi Agent today

The aim of this project is to enable youths in Enugu state to become gainfully employed by reselling internet data at lower rates which will, in turn, drive a lot of users to subscribe for data using a mobile app. Users can have access to the internet via their Mobile Phones or Personal Computers.

How it works

  1. Visit a Wifi Location
  2. Connect to the Wifi and Login
  3. Enjoy and browse using your favourite applications
Become an Enugu WiFi Agent today

Enugu WiFi project is powered by the Enugu State Government and Enugu SME Center to empower thousands of youths to become Digital Millionaires as part of the Enugu Human Capital Development Loan Program for Job Creation in Enugu State. As an Agent, you will be given Routers and Internet data which you can resell to make a profit, and you will be paid a commission based on how much data you sell. Selected agents will be interviewed and trained on how to use the devices, as well as how to make more money reselling data as part of the Enugu Youth Empowerment Scheme.

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