Afghan Stowaways Fall To Death After Clinging To Plane

HARROWING video shows two stowaways falling to their deaths after being thrown from a transport aircraft taking off from Kabul airport.


The two fell several hundred feet from the C-17 transport plane as thousands of desperate Afghans try get out of the country after the Taliban victory.

The stampede at Kabul Airport has already left five people dead with more people clambering over walls to get in.

In chaotic scenes echoing the fall of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam war, petrified men, women and children were filmed trying to get on aircraft after the Taliban stormed the capital.

With civilian flights suspended, many turned US Air Force aircraft to try get out of the country.

Harrowing video shows two stowaways falling several hundred feet to their deaths after being thrown from a C-17 transport aircraft taking off from Kabul airport.

Separate footage shows Afghans running alongside a C-17 as it prepares to take off with around a dozen holding on to the wheel bay.

At one stage US Apache helicopter gunships were brought in to clear a path for the transport planes, swooping low to disperse people massed on the runway.

Desperate people were also filmed trying climb up a ladder to get on a civilian plane while others were seen being pulled on board another aircraft.

One witness said he had seen the bodies of five people being taken to a vehicle at the airport.

US troops guarding the airport were forced to fire shots into the air but it’s unclear if those who died were hit by bullets or crushed in the stampede.

Residents of Kabul today woke up to their first day under Taliban rule with reports the hardliners were scouring the city looking for military vehicles.

In a bid to flee what they fear will be a return to the Taliban’s brutal rule based on an extreme interpretation of Islam, people raced to the airport in a frantic bid to board a flights.

Source:- The Sun Uk


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